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Things to know when hiring a Doula

When should I look for a doula?

At any time. However be aware that some doulas get booked very early and the longer you wait to interview a doula the more limited your choice will be. Also note that in some areas there is a shortage of doulas.

Occasionally parents leave it to the last minute, whilst this isn't necessarily ideal, hopefully you can still meet a doula that would meet your needs.

Should I interview more than one doula?

We would suggest you do as doulas are individuals and you may relate to one better than to another. Doulas are used to being interviewed and would expect parents to meet more than one doula.

Do I have to meet my doula face-to-face before hiring her?

Whilst you make initial contact over the phone, we strongly recommend that you and your partner meet the doula (usually at your house) before deciding whether or not to book her.

Should I hire a certified doula?

A certified doula will be a doula with a certain level of experience who will have undergone personal mentoring for months.

Some doulas have a lot of experience but have chosen not to be certified, they won't have undergone a formal mentoring.

Lastly newer doulas who have recently been trained may be undergoing certification, please ask the doula to clarify her status.

Ultimately you need to hire the doula you feel most at ease with and this is a personal decision that may not be based upon the number of births a doula has attended or how long she has been practising.



Why is there such a difference in prices?

Doulas are self-employed and can decide how much they charge. It usually (though not always) reflects her level of experience and what (extra) services she offers, as well as geographical location.

Are doulas qualified in other therapies?

We suggest that you ask each individual doula to show any certificates she may hold from training organisations.

How do I find out about my doula's level of experience?

A doula should offer you a list of references (past clients if she has worked with families before). We always suggest to parents that they CHECK references.

When do I pay my doula?

Because doulas are self-employed they have their own pricing and payment arrangements, these may vary from doula to doula. Please make sure you speak to your doula about these before hiring her.

Can I complain if I have been unhappy about my doula?

Yes you can. Please contact us either by phone or e-mail and we will discuss the matter with you and see how we can resolve the problem. Our doulas have signed a code of practice and are expected to abide by it.

Any more questions?

Please feel free to e-mail or call us.



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