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What is a postnatal doula?

A postnatal doula supports a new family for the first few weeks.

Her role includes emotional and practical support. She may help with light household duties (laundry, cooking, general tidy-up), she can help with siblings, she can support breastfeeding (or guide you towards professional breastfeeding support if the need arises). She also encourages mothers to rest and would look after your newborn during that time. Because of her regular presence in the family, she can be sensitive to your needs and support you to have the most positive time with your newborn(s). Ultimately, she will aim to leave you rested and confident.




Postnatal doulas usually work 3 or 4 hours per day every day or every other day for up to six weeks.
However doulas are flexible and may offer different packages to suit your needs.
Postnatal doulas charge per hour. They are self-employed and their fee varies according to the experience they bring to the role and geographical location. You can expect to pay between 10 and 20/hour.




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